Washable filters can provide long-term savings when used in place of disposable filters. Optimum performance and long life is maintained only by regular cleaning with the right cleaning agent.

Created for use in kitchen extract systems, the MGF grease filter range is an all-metal washable panel. The knitted mesh inserts capture grease particles from the air efficiently and hygienically. The KMG type is available in galvanised steel or aluminium for light to regular duty, and stainless steel for heavy-duty applications.

The SSB range has similar grease capturing properties to the KMG range, but its special design prevents grease build-up within the filter by allowing it to drain. This all stainless steel panel is most

suited where the increased fire risk from a build-up of grease prohibits the use of the knitted mesh type. Its internal formation allows a constant airflow making it ideal where a high capacity is required.

Designed for convenience, the RF foam pad range is a general application air filter available in densities ranging from 10ppi (pores per inch) up to 80ppi. This rigid skeleton foam is designed for use with a pad holding frame from which it is easily removed for cleaning.

All our washable filters and pad frames are available with optional handles in a selection of standard sizes. Custom sizes and designs to order.

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