Carbon Pleated Panel

Activated carbon is the agent used to remove odours, toxic fumes and gases from the air. It is available in a variety of forms, from simple carbon impregnated polyester filters to solid carbon ‘biscuit’. Typical applications range from the removal of unpleasant odours up to dangerous fumes and gases e.g. kitchen extract, chemical process, museums, airports, soldering fumes…to name just a few.

General HVAC with Light Duty Odour Removal

Glass or Synthetic Carbon Combination Panel Filter Carbon Pleated Panel Filter

Carbon Synthetic Bag Filter

For light duty odour removal in addition to all the properties of their non-carbon counterparts

Critical or Heavy Duty Applications

Bonded Carbon Panel – A solid, non-fragmenting block of activated carbon in a steel frame, with a cloth finish for clean handling

Bonded Carbon Panel

Disposable Carbon Unit – A steel case with fixed solid ‘V’ formation carbon cells Replaceable Carbon Unit – A steel case with replaceable carbon biscuit panels Rigid Carbon ‘V’ Cell – A plastic moulded case with replaceable solid carbon panels Loose Fill Granules – In a variety of granule sizes

For a greater volume of carbon for more demanding applications such as the removal of toxic fumes and gases, commercial kitchen extract systems – available in standard and heavy-duty grades. Activated carbon is not designed to handle grease or moisture so it is important that all solid carbon filters are used in conjunction with suitable pre-filter(s) to protect and extend the life of the filter. Any build up of moisture or grease will cause the pores of the carbon to block, thus preventing adsorption.

Custom sizes and filter designs available to suit individual requirements

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